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Showroom Interior Design

Chicago and Worldwide

Thoughtful showroom design has the power to elevate products and make a lasting impression on visitors. We believe that the showroom interior design is an extension of your brand and helps designers envision the possibilities for your products in the environments they are creating.

At Kuchar, our showroom design team in Chicago will assess your company’s brand, aesthetic, and product goals to create impactful showroom architecture that’s memorable and highlights your brand message. We work with manufacturers from around the world on showrooms in Chicago or across the country.

Our Showroom Interior Design Work

The Kuchar team has designed many showroom spaces over the years, including award winning NeoCon showrooms seen annually at The Mart in Chicago. Some examples of our designs include the following.

H.H.H. Showroom

Inspired by the interiors of trendy European hotels, our H.H.H. showroom incorporated a muted and cohesive color palette alongside clean, simple textures. The result was a space that allowed the furniture products to truly stand out.

9to5 Showroom

For 9to5’s showroom interior design, we created a “blank slate” gallery that could be easily altered and added to via removable elements. We also incorporated a flow of warm and cool colors to connect with the night and day aspects of the brand’s name, and used curved platforms and organic rug shapes to give the product space a lively and modern feel.


Bernhardt Design Showroom

Our Chicago interior designers for showrooms created a space for Bernhardt Design intended to function much like a gallery, with the space evolving from year to year. As new products are incorporated, the blank canvas of this showroom can be transformed to accent them.

Scandinavian Spaces Showroom

The Scandinavian Spaces showroom promotes the Swedish concept of “fika,” the belief that one should stay awhile and converse over coffee and a pastry. A tranquil ceiling color and tile reminiscent of Stockholm train stations were incorporated as part of our design as well, with a goal toward creating an atmosphere balanced between work and play.


Contact Kuchar for Showroom Architecture in Chicago and Worldwide

If you’re looking to elevate your brand and emphasize the value of your products, reach out to Kuchar for your showroom design. Our expertise will deliver a well-designed, functional space that will draw in customers and give your company the focus it deserves. Contact us today.

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