The Gang

We are curious creators, challengers,
rule-breakers, and problem solvers.

At Kuchar, we value a culture of inclusiveness, open mindedness and design exploration.   Inside the office, we promote a “no rules” approach to  interior design, giving our design process the freedom to explore.  Outside the office, we enjoy visiting Chicago’s many restaurants and cultural sites. We also enjoy exploring the new cities which our project work takes us to.


Our team is constantly collaborating together.  We share our expertise, project experience and personal passions to make every project unique.  


Owner, Creative Director

Cubs or Sox?  Cubs

Black or Charcoal?  Charcoal

Tacos or Nachos?  Nachos

Coffee or Tea?  Tea

Cocktail of choice: Lakshmi at Tiny Lounge

Currently crushing: Glass block

Favorite City: Stockholm


Project Designer

Red or White?  Red

Line Ruled or Grid?  Line

Mountains or Beach?  Beach

Fav pattern?  Tartan

Design Syle: Modern, Detailed, Layered

Favorite City: New Orleans



Project Coordinator

Tacos or Nachos?  Tacos

Line Ruled or Grid?  Line

Favorite City?  Lisbon

Cocktail of Choice?  Moscow Mule

Fav Pattern: African Mudcloth

Fav Chicago Interior: The Allis

Mountains or Beach: Beach



Project Designer

Fall or Spring?  Fall

Cocktail of Choice?  Paloma

Tacos or Nachos?  Tacos

Design Style:  Adventures, Patterned, Thoughtful

Favorite Pattern: Floral

Favorite Chicago Interior: Proxi



Junior Designer

Fav Pattern?  Florals

Black or Charcoal?  Black

Fall or Spring?  Fall

Cocktail of choice: Last Word

Design Style: Organic, Austere, Bohemian

Favorite City: Paris



Senior Procurement Coordinator

Cubs or Sox?  Sox

Dress or Power Suit?  Power Suit

Design Style:  Cosmopolitan, Eclectic, Cohesive

Coffee or Tea?  Tea

Cocktail of choice: Madras

Favorite City: Madrid



Junior Designer

Mountains or Beach?  Mountains

Red or White?  White

Design Style:  Bold, Powerful, Original

Favorite Pattern?  Toile

Dream Project: Jazz Club

Favorite City: San Diego


Junior Designer

Color I'm dying to use?  Lilac

Dream project?  Brewhouse

Coffee or Tea?  Tea

Black or Charcoal: Black

Design Style: Bold, Deliberate, Layered

Favorite City: Barcelona