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Cubs or Sox?  Cubs

Black or Charcoal?  Charcoal

Tacos or Nachos?  Nachos

Coffee or Tea?  Tea

Cocktail of choice: Manhattan

Currently crushing: Glass block

Favorite City: Stockholm


Red or White?  Rose!

Line Ruled or Grid?  Grid

Design Style?  Light, Minimal, Textural

Train or Bus?  Train

Fav Pattern: Herringbone



Favorite Designer?  Marni

Black or Charcoal?  Charcoal

Fav Pattern?  Florals

Coffee or Tea?  Tea

Fall or Spring?  Fall

Design Style: Functional, Detailed, Beautiful

Favorite City: Florence


Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Running or Walking?  Running

TV or Book? Book

Coffee or Tea?  Coffee

Fav Pattern: Large scale florals

Currently crushing: Apparatus Studio


Cubs or Sox?  Sox

Dress or Power Suit?  Power Suit

Design Style:  Cosmopolitan, Eclectic, Cohesive

Coffee or Tea?  Tea

Cocktail of choice: Madras

Favorite City: Madrid


Red or White?  Red

Line Ruled or Grid?  Line

Mountains or Beach?  Beach

Fav pattern?  Tartan

Design Syle: Modern, Detailed, Layered

Favorite City: New Orleans


Fav Pattern?  Florals

Black or Charcoal?  Black

Fall or Spring?  Fall

Cocktail of choice: Last Word

Design Style: Organic, Austere, Bohemian

Favorite City: Paris