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9to5 Showroom

For 9to5’s new showroom, our goal was to create a clean, white, “blank slate” gallery that could be easily added to and modified over the years, bringing in a colorblocked motif through removable elements. Curved platforms and organic rug shapes create a modern, energetic and inviting space that really highlights the range of award-winning product the brand produces. The flow of color through the space – a nod to the brand’s name – was inspired by daylight from morning to night, moving from warm tones to cool and back to warm just as the sun rises and sets. We also used this motif to highlight 9to5’s broad range of product suiting a variety of applications throughout the day, from task and conference chairs to hospitality and lounge settings. Tinted glass films and freestanding dividers provide a grounding sense of space for seating vignettes without comprising sight lines through the showroom.

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