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The Future of Workplace Amenities

It's no secret that companies across many industries have been struggling to encourage employees to return to physical offices. One approach is to make these spaces more enticing, giving employees great reasons to choose to make the commute to take advantage of perks they may not have access to at home. Amenity offerings have exploded in recent years, bringing a whole new layer of experience to the workplace.

Kuchar recently completed a wellness spa in Chicago within an office building, adding two ice baths and a sauna to an existing space. This corporate wellness amenity is meant to provide users with a quiet retreat within the office to refresh or have a productive one-on-one in a health-oriented environment.

The entry into the space greets visitors with textured wallcovering and tile, accented by eye-catching wall sconces providing a special glow to set the tone of the wellness spa. At the end of the hallway we get a glimpse of the sauna, adding another layer of warmth with its soft wood exterior.

One of the main features of this space is the two ice baths nestled into a luxurious stone-clad corner. We used two different varieties here, creating a layered effect that allowed for strategic use of strip lighting to really accent the material. Small sconces add another layer of soft glow, really making the space feel calm and serene. For a bit of visual privacy without sacrificing light, we added glass partitions at the ice baths with metal mesh effect.

Just beyond the ice baths is the sauna and towel/locker area. We outfitted these spaces with warm woods and soft tones to accent the rest of the palette, bringing in a deep green on the lockers to ground all of the lighter tones. Built-in shelves and towel drops make this space extra functional., while a tile backsplash at the shelving blends in nicely with the wallcovering while providing a more durable finish.

As corporate needs shift according to people's ever-changing lifestyles, we are happy to provide an additional layer of wellness in the workplace by providing various types of amenities. These spaces can be different across different offices, responding intuitively to the different needs of different groups of workers. We work with our clients to identify those needs and either work with their requests or suggest solutions. We love how this special corporate wellness spa turned out, and we are so happy to give this client a customized retreat!

Photography: Mike Schwartz


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