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Project Tour: NYC Financial Firm

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Located in midtown New York City, with a rare view of a city park, this office Kuchar designed incorporated the vintage nature of the building with modern design moments. Soft arched openings in wood, paired with ribbed glass and vintage-inspired wallpapers, all combine to create a unique financial office.

Kuchar's interior design for this space involved working with existing elements - not only those original to the building, but also details from their previous buildout. The goal of this project was to meld new construction and their existing space as the company expanded to the floor below. Their current floor received updates as well to ensure the entire office felt cohesive and utilized the palette, which was inspired by menswear and old-world architectural elements combining with modern details - a nod to the company's forward-thinking ethos and aesthetic appreciation for rich design.

Soft curves can be seen in many elements throughout the space, from the wood portals casing each storefront to the radiator covers and custom lighting. These not only play nicely with the rugged existing space and menswear-inspired palette, but also meld the design cohesively with existing metal and glass panels that the client wanted to reuse. We incorporated these throughout the space within partitions and designed all new glazing elements to work with these panels.

Vintage-inspired wallpapers and carpet reminiscent of watercolors also serve to soften the space. Each conference room received a different set of finishes, which was tricky to coordinate but well worth the effort!

One of our favorite elements on this project was working with Icon Modern to design custom dual-material conference tables and credenzas. Each table received a mix of wood and stone for a unique look that perfectly fit their needs and aesthetic. The credenzas are made of oak and metal mesh, which solves for the ventilation needed for their A/V equipment without compromising the appearance of the piece.

We all know the importance of a midday pick-me-up! This client takes their kitchenettes seriously, ensuring no desk is too far away from a spot to make tea or grab a snack with a colleague. Here, we designed two distinct spaces that speak to the vintage-inspired details throughout the office while providing plenty of modern convenience. A muted warm blue on all cabinetry unites the two spaces with other elements seen throughout the office, while tile backsplashes in decorative pattern and pattern-mixing help each space feel unique.

The employees in this space are not limited to casual interactions in the kitchenette, though - we incorporated plenty of breakout and lounge seating throughout the office. Our favorite definitely has to be the stair connecting their existing floor with the new space below. As the main thoroughfare between floors and a major architectural feature, we wanted to make sure this space really shines as a design element and works with the client's needs. Custom bar-height lounge seating built into the base of the stair wraps the perimeter of its footprint, giving users a space to work, talk, or hold companywide meetings. The ribbed velvet wraps up the double-height wall, elegantly interacting with the soft curve of the stair. Railings were built using a fine metal mesh, subtly calling on the industrial influence of the existing building while keeping the palette rich and refined.

We loved working on this space and marrying existing elements with new details. As the client has grown, their needs changed, and we are so happy we were able to provide them with a unique space that helps optimize their workflow while fitting their refined and vintage-inspired taste.

Design: Kuchar Photography: Corgan


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