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Project Tour: Honey Bridal

There’s a buzz about a new bridal boutique in town! Last spring, Honey Bridal relocated from Andersonville to West Town and Kuchar was selected to design the interior. This woman-owned independent bridal boutique wanted a space that reflected their brand and unique clientele. Fit for a bride who wears a leather jacket on her special day. Edgy, moody, luxurious, yet comforting and elegant.

Hello, drama, rich greens, bold floral patterns, and gold accents! This unique palette and inspiration differ from your typical light, bright, and ultra-feminine bridal boutique. The inspiration for the space was inspired by the wedding day itself. Elements in the boutique were derived from the textures, patterns, and colors seen in stunning bouquets, dramatic tablescapes, weddings with vintage or heirloom touches, eye-catching jewelry, and hospitable venues.

The Honey Bridal space is designed by Kuchar as an experience. When you first enter the store, you are greeted by a hospitality bar anchored with the eye-catching backdrop of dripping honey in gold leaf. Vintage touches are reflected in the antique mirrored bar top one can admire while sipping welcome champagne in a plush velvet chair. The delicate pendant lighting over the bar is like a pearl necklace, our jewelry for the hospitality area.

Next, it is time to choose dresses. The rich dark green walls create a moody background to shop in, contrasting against the white dresses, allowing these features items to shine. The softly curved arch dividers are capped in gold as they drip down the wall and form dividers. This eye-catching element helps break up the sea of dresses while creating flexibility in organizing them, whether by style, brand, price point, size, etc. Mirrors and accessories are strategically placed throughout, so one can easily select all the details and accessories needed for the big day!

As the bride and guests travel into the fitting room, there is a departure from the dark and moody retail area. This deliberate contrast creates a relaxing and inviting backdrop to try on dresses and allows the bride-to-be to shine. Luxe details are implemented through the velvet drapes, which are illuminated and divide the fitting area from the guests. The space also includes textured fabric textured wallcovering, nodding to the look of a mesh veil, all anchored by soft glowing sconces and statement mesh pendant lighting.

To get the whole experience, one must make a beeline into the bathroom. Florals are often an essential component to weddings, through the featured bouquet and tablescapes, and we wanted to honor that with a twist. The statement floral wallcovering paired with the illuminated mirror is a space worthy of a selfie!

The Honey Bridal Boutique is thoughtfully crafted to make one of the big milestone moments during wedding planning into a sweet memorable experience for the bride-to-be and supporting friends and family. We're thrilled to design Honey Bridal's new home!

Project: Honey Bridal

Design: Kuchar

Photography: Wittefini


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