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Financial Firm Bristol: engineering endeavor

Updated: Apr 19

Jumping over the pond to the UK city of Bristol, Kuchar had to opportunity to work on an office for a financial firm. Weaving in inspiration from not only what the employees are going to create, but from the sites and textures of the surrounding city. Bristol also has a unique connection to airplanes, with it being the final landing place of the Concorde. Below is a page right out of our presentation showing the imagery that inspired the space.

financial interior design

We were also afforded the chance to see the space before the work started. It was a pretty typical white box, office ready space, so we were excited to watch it come to life.

Here are a few before photos!

before financial interior design

interior design for financial firms

financial firm interior design

Moving into the design; the reception desk design pulls in the lines of the Concorde and features a coffee table in the lounge area made with the fan of an airplane engine. Another feat of engineering in this entry are the light fixtures above the lounge. Made by Bomma; crafted with thick leather straps and what look like glass dewdrops gently sitting on each piece of leather.

financial firm design
financial firm interior design

Bristol financial firm interior design project

In the main conference room beyond is another light fixture from Sancal intended to echo the shape of the interior of a plane.

Rounding the corner you are met with the cafe amenity space. Featuring a black, micro-tiled ceiling above the industrial inspired stainless steel kitchen. In order to make the kitchen feel a little more home-y our team connected the stainless steel and wood counters with traditionally turned table legs for support. Exposing the ceiling and utilizing a layer of repeating light fixtures highlight the innerworkings of the building.

Render vs. Real below!

financial firm remodel

Directly behind the cafe is the start of the work space for the employees. Our team wanted to bring attention to the architectural niches created along the perimeter by creating touchdown spaces. Accented with a deep navy color and coordinating carpet to the lounges provide a space for the users to not only get away from their desks but a space to connect. Towards the back of the room is another nod to our engineering inspiration; the wallcovering is a graphic of small nuts & bolts.

Another Render vs. Real below!

remodeling a financial firm

Along the perimeter of the office are several huddles rooms.

One of the final features of this office is a wellness room. Offering a nice , comfy chair to rest, a sink, a mini fridge and a view of the city in case you need a break. For the decorative elements we brought in a mirror shaped like the cutting of a tree to highlight the natural engineering of tree rings and 2 more Bomma sconces.

Hope you enjoyed this tour, cheers!

Design: Kuchar

Architect of Record: AHR

Contractor: 21CBS


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