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A Nook within a nook

They say good things come in small packages. That seems the best way to describe this small but mighty showroom. We had less than 300sf to make an impact. At about 40 feet wide and 7 feet deep, we needed the product finishes to shine and find the right placement for the brand’s message. We selected a spiced orange tone for the walls and a contrasting warm white for the handwritten font that walks clients through what a Nook is and the benefits it creates.

We were inspired by the pitch of the Nook's roof to create the angles for the wall paint transition. The concept of a “Nook within a Nook” was made extra cozy by incorporating inviting textiles, furniture, and area rugs. Equipped with their own technological bells and whistles, we tried to concentrate pattern and texture into each Nook.

We used the sliding glass doors as a canvas for the oversized “double O’s” found in the company’s name. They can still be seen when rolled away and let the guests know where they are immediately. We think this fun, mixed-up palette creates a lasting impact.

Interior Design: Kuchar

Photography: Wittefini Photography


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