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Project Tour: ERG Showroom

Colorful banquette with acoustic overhead lights at ERG showroom

ERG International contacted Kuchar to design their first Merchandise Mart showroom in over 10 years. They were celebrating 40 years as a company and wanted to bring that celebration into the showroom interior design. Their two goals for the showroom design were to create a comfortable, hygge vibe mixed with hints of the 1980's when their company was created.

Our design solution resulted in a blend between residential and commercial settings, making cozy furniture groupings throughout the showroom. Our color scheme was inspired by the bright colors of the 1980's, which accent the neutral hygge palette.

The architectural language was softened throughout to emphasize the cozy hygge vibe. Archways were created both architecturally and with paint transitions in bright colors. Above, an 80's inspired wallpaper pattern from DesignTex was used to accent the archway.

Each vignette in the ERG showroom was carefully created down to the smallest of material details! The mix of neutral colors and bright accents is tied together throughout the space. Tour the photos above to see every detail!


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