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Project Tour: Sushi|Bar Miami

Traveling through a bright, tropical stucco corridor visitors are transported to a space unlike anywhere else in Espanola Way. The restaurant is tucked back in a verdant courtyard off the beaten path, hidden from the hustle and bustle of this popular area.

The dining room's dark, moody, and sophisticated interior is a stark change from Miami Beach's famous sunny pastels. This provides a transformative experience to diners, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Rich mahogany tambour plays with leather, shagreen, and grasscloth wallcoverings along the interior, accented by brass fixtures and details. Diners sit facing the sushi chef's oxblood marble-clad stage. Existing arched shelving in the space is filled with with shagreen-effect wallcovering, accenting the soft curves and highlighting the black and brass menu rails.

Off to the side, the bar station is clad on all sides in the same dramatic oxblood marble. Grasscloth panels in the cabinetry below mirror the wall behind diners and provide additional texture.

Existing zellige tile surrounds two small shuttered windows, fitting into the palette perfectly. Grasscloth and leather wallcoverings are accented by mahogany-stained trim, framing out sconces that provide ambient light behind the diners.

Intentional lighting elements provide all focus on the chefs and dining experience once dimmed for service. The space provides a dramatic reprieve, transporting diners to sophisticated and moody environment for an immersive experience.


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