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Project Tour: Private Coworking

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

This unique coworking space was designed for the young startup company that has yet to build their own office. We created a space that is vibrant, yet purposely lacks a brand so it can suit any company's culture. Working within a smaller budget, we used creative ways to make the interior design dynamic - bold paint transitions, painted light fixtures and bright furniture.

Inside the small breakroom, we designed two areas for both the lunch hour as well as daily meetings. The fully upholstered bench acts as a place to lounge but also provides acoustic properties to the social space. We also custom designed a standing height dining table with a colored metal base and wood top. The small moments of bright color are a theme throughout the office space.

A lighthearted yet warm material palette- earthy greens are highlighted with bright pops of orange.

The desks throughout the workspace are designed to be completely reconfigurable. Knowing that the space will need to change over time for any business that occupies it, we designed it to be completely flexible. Storage can be rolled away and desks can be turned to create any configuration a team can dream up!

In order to keep the budget low but maximize design impact, we designed bold paint transitions throughout the office. We love the color of the green accent used here! It adds the right amount of warmth to the space.

The pops of orange color were brought in by selecting furniture and lighting pieces that all coordinated with the palette. This sconce above is at the entry of the office space. Concrete columns were left exposed to bring in a unique (and free!) texture.

The material palette is simple, but has so many interesting textures! We used plywood as an accent wall to add warmth but keep costs low. A grid porcelain tile was used in the cafe as it's surface is a chalkboard! We thought this would be a great place for companies to write their mission or brand statement and could easily be swapped out for the next startup. Lastly, the bold pops of bright orange against the forest green is an unusual one- but we love the final result.

Project: Private Coworking

Completion: 2020

Photographer: Kendall McCaugherty, copyright Hall + Merrick Photographers

Designed in collaboration with Valerio Dewalt Train


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