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Project Tour: Amsterdam Financial Firm

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Come say hoi! For this financial firm's Amsterdam office we were inspired by the colors and creativity of the city. Pulling our details from from Danish artists, the local architecture, the canals and the landscape.

We used rich colors and natural materials to compose the pallet for this project and even got to have some fun with European based manufacturers. Peep those micro tiles!

From your first steps into the office you are reminded of the canals. An inset blue, patterned rug is reminiscent of the water and the reception desk's shape welcomes you with an homage to the boats of the canals. Brick walls speak to the iconic Amsterdam homes and the team designed a custom 3D logo using bricks to bring the client's branding into the space. All brought together with the glow of the sconces throughout.

Turning the corner from reception there is a hallway of conference rooms. The shape of the windows is inspired by the shapes we saw in our tours of the city and the color of the carpet echoes the brick paved walkways. In the largest conference room we specified fixtures above the table that pay tribute to the Girl with a Pearl Earring painting by Johannes Vermeer.

Walking further into the office there is a block of conference rooms we lovingly labeled our "teal moment" which pull colors from Van Gogh's portraits. The brick walkway inspired carpet continues in the open office area and leads back to the cafe. We designed a quick, touch base opportunity with a custom stained, curved wood bench and matching side tables.

Entering into the café you are again greeted with multiple textures and colors. We continued the brick walls to connect reception all the way through the office. The arches around the cabinets remind the user of the bridges along the canals and a custom, green marble island with fluted corners brings in the finishing touches.

This office also offers amenities like a wellness room (to the left) and a private phone room (below).

We'll wrap up the tour with the restrooms. On our walks through the city we noticed multiple shops had patterned tile entries so we brought that inspiration into our design. We used micro tiles on the lower portion of the walls to bring in a little texture, frames around the mirrors to speak to tradition and a pop of pattern in each toilet room for a surprise.

In the shower rooms we punched up the pattern and color, a little more, for some playfulness in an unexpected area.

Thanks for joining us on this tour! Tot snel!

Designed by Kuchar Studio

Architecture by Heyligers Architects

Built by Vega Projects

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1 comentário

Diane Sherman
Diane Sherman
30 de mai. de 2023

Wow, everything blends beautifully! So sleek.

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