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NeoCon Showrooms: a Lasting Impression

Entry at Bernhardt Design's showroom in 2020

With tens of thousands of visitors walking the halls of the Merchandise Mart each year for NeoCon, one of the main goals of any Kuchar showroom design is to make a great first impression on each and every person. From marble clad entries, to live plant installations, to unexpected color palettes, our past showroom designs have stood out against their neighbors and competitors. With such great importance on the three days of the show, it's important to think about the ways in which your brand will stand out and be remembered.

Furniture Lab's showroom featured a blue entry portal which contrasted against it's neighbors, and a bright yellow logo wall to grab attendees attention.

The first and main reason for a showroom to stand out at NeoCon is to simply get people in the door. Once they enter the showroom, the product and manufacturer reps are there to help continue the brand's message. What brings someone into the front doors? A compelling window display as well as marriage of the interior design and award winning product. For NeoCon 2023, Kuchar designed the concept of a foyer at H.H.H.'s showroom with a large, live plant display. It drew in the attention of curious attendees.

The front "foyer" at H.H.H. created an unforgettable moment.

Another reason for showrooms to stand out at NeoCon is to set themselves apart from their neighbors and competitors. Simply painting the walls anything but white can be the first step in achieving this. With visitors walking by showroom after showroom, what will stand out? Dramatic, colorful and bold showrooms will give a passerby reason to pause and consider stopping in. For Framery's showroom, the ceiling and columns were painted an elegant yet dramatic dark green. The contrast against the white walls of the hallway set this showroom apart and immediately drew attention.

Framery's sophisticated new look stands out against the white walls of the Mart

The unexpected bronze colored Source International showroom also featured bright color accents which highlights the furniture.

Lastly, it's important that attendees remember the brand after they return from NeoCon. When seeing upwards of 100 showrooms in one or two days time, what brands will each attendee remember? We believe that showrooms that have both memorable product and interiors will leave a lasting impression. When the two are in harmony and the brand message is well crafted throughout, it's hard to forget! Scandinavian Space's new showroom, pictured below, is filled with unique furniture and design moments. We also created a new back entry into the showroom from a space which was previously a closet. Each entry has design elements pulling you in.

The ERG and Nook showroom, pictured below, included colorful paint accents and an Instagrammable, wallpapered arch which were talked about in the buzz of the show.

9to5 Seating's bold moment is the hospitality bar which is mostly neutral aside from the orange brand color. Custom round cabinets are a nod to wall clocks, a play on the brand's name

9to5 Seating's bold hospitality bar

In summary, the first impression of every showroom is important. It helps draw in visitors and creates a lasting impression. The way in which Kuchar designs for it is based on the manufacturer's goals and their brand messaging. Every showroom is unique and presents new opportunities each year. Contact a member of our team if you're looking for help in designing your showroom for the next big show!

Tarkett's entry is warm and inviting, using wood and warm paint colors to create that impression for visitors.


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