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2024 Design Trends We're Loving

Three months into 2024, we're starting to see some exciting interior design trends emerge. Both interior spaces and products are being introduced with reimagined materials, forms and ideas. The 1970's are making a return, with conversation pits becoming mainstream and 70's colors popping up everywhere. Chrome also makes a comeback, starting to elbow out brass for the "it" metal. In both residential and commercial, marble is what everyone wants - and in a big way.

We are obsessed with what we're seeing so far in 2024 and are already working some of them into our current projects. Scroll down to see our favorites!

Polished Stainless

Bye bye brass! We're seeing a strong shift back towards polished white metals - like stainless steel and chrome. Used in simple and modern forms, the reflectivity this materials brings to an interior is a fresh new take on the classic material. We love the CB2 lamp above that also has a polished chrome lamp shade. We also love the polished stainless counters and bars that are pictured above and seen throughout hip new coffee shops, bars and hotels. We're already working this trend into our commercial and residential interiors in Chicago and elsewhere!

Statement Stones

Nobody can doubt that this trend is HOT right now. We're seeing a shift to some incredible stone selections in residential kitchens, commercial reception desks and walls in pretty much any type of interior. Even more, the trend is making it's way into small details like the cabinet pull pictured above. Think of these stones as the art in your room!

Conversation Pits

1960's and 70's design trends have always been a favorite of mine. Seeing conversation pits work their way into commercial interior design is a dream! We're seeing this trend strongly in retail interior design spaces where waiting furniture is turning into an architectural and sculptural piece. At Kuchar, we're also looking at bringing this design feature into office space and higher education!

Extra Organic Shapes

Show off your wild side by adding a super organic mirror to your bathroom. Or go crazy with a custom headboard. No design detail is safe from the organic shape trend! We're seeing this come into almost every product out there - furniture, plumbing fixtures, lighting and cabinetry. The wilder, the better, if you ask us.

Glass Exploration

Glass is becoming a fun feature in product design - using bright colors and textures as a layering element. As a granddaughter of a Czech immigrant, it makes me proud to see some incredible Czech glass manufacturers leading this charge. Two of our favorites - Bomma lighting and Sklo glass. Both feature glass as their main medium to create imaginative lighting and objects.

Welcome back Walnut

Oh hello there old friend. Walnut is a classic, upscale wood finish that is starting to become popular again in kitchen cabinetry and architectural features. We're loving it in vintage homes and mixed with lighter woods to keep spaces light and bright!

Total Totem

 This niche trend is going to start popping up in products and architecture alike. It inherently creates a fun and playful vibe. We see a mix of color and materials and it's being used in lighting, furniture and architectural elements. The concept also allows for customization within product lines which every designer loves!

Colors of 2024

We're ending our trends forecast with our favorite topic- color. Some of the featured colors we're seeing make their way into interiors are bright pops of red, perfect moments of cobalt blue and the ever-so-cool use of lavender. This is an obvious inspiration from the runways as these colors have been showing up on fashion's best influencers.

If you're also obsessing over the trends above like us, reach out to our team to see how we can work together on your interior or furniture design needs. We look forward to sharing spaces we design in 2024 and how they are inspired by our favorite trends!


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