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About Sarah Kuchar-Parkinson

Sarah Kuchar-Parkinson is the owner and creative director of Chicago based interior design studio, Kuchar. With a no-rules approach to design, she has built an award winning, boutique studio.

Since 2016, under Sarah’s design direction, Kuchar has been designing for what’s next. Creating custom and unique spaces for each client and market. With a staff of creative and curious designers, no space is off-limits. From the personal details that make a house a home in residential, how employees or students spend their days in a workplace or educational setting, to the feel of a new restaurant or
showroom, Sarah and her team consider the smallest details of design to create never before seen spaces.

Kuchar’s global work can be found in offices, homes, and restaurants in Austin, Amsterdam, London, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Silicon Valley and Singapore.

Sarah believes that the best projects are created by being allowed to believe anything is possible and finding inspiration in the least expected places.

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